In Pursuit Of African Music Cds & Vinyl

The English gentleman there explained that, unfortunately, they now only sell on-line. Id also caught wind of a New Jersey branch of Sterns here in the US, and reached out to them, only to the same response. After a few more calls and conversations, I found my destination. First I would head to Los Angeles, California to Amoeba Music ,probably the only mega-music store remaining in the US, and browse their African music section to see if they had anything of interest. Second, I would make plans to travel to Africa later in 2012 or early 2013 for recordings of local contemporary music. Sterns suggested a trip to South Africa, as the formidable Gallo Record Company still owns over 75% of recordings ever made in South Africa. Fortuitously, I had already made arrangements to attend a friends wedding in San Diego, California when I learned about Amoeba Music, so I quickly changed my plans to include a short trip to Los Angeles. I just returned yesterday, and wanted to report my findings with a live video of my travels to the place, and a brief summary of what I discovered.
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Nigerian start-up taking on mobile music

MyMusic is aiming to corner the mobile music market in the West African nation of Nigeria (image: MyMusic)

MyMusic has an impressive collection of songs, but the co-founder was quick to add that a lot more work lies ahead for the start-up. What happens with most of these international sites is that they have a structured system where they can just go meet a record label and automatically get about maybe 100,000 songs, or as much as possible but in Nigeria, the structure is still growing. The goal now is to have a wide variety. So from the up-and-coming artists to music of like 20 years ago or 30 years ago. As with most African nations, bandwidth is always an issue, and Taiwo said that they have taken that into consideration by building very lean sites for users. Within two clicks you can download a song, so were trying to overcome that challenge, he added.
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